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De Nada Nirvana

Most people would be overjoyed at the offer of an all-expenses-paid trip to the Costa del Sol. But Jo isn’t so sure. All she has to do is find Matt – the teenage nephew of her mate’s bloke. It all sounds so easy … So why does she feel so uneasy?

Arriving in Benalmadena, Jo’s investigations soon result in an introduction to the side of the region the authorities don’t want the tourists to see; the reason the area is known as the Costa del Crime. Hopelessly out of her depth, Jo is floundering until she meets Tina, the Top Totty from Totnes. Tina is an ex-beauty queen who is desperate to contact her son, who is in Morocco having been snatched by her husband. Together, Jo and Tina get onto Matt’s trail. But it soon becomes clear the teenager had been following a sinister agenda all his own.

Meanwhile, back in south London, Jen is struggling with the confirmation that she’s pregnant. She and Ali need to radically review their relationship before they can make any decisions about the future.

As Jo and Tina are drawn further into dangerous territory, the violence spills across the continent and Jen and Ali find themselves the unexpected targets of some very ruthless villains.

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