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Trading Tatiana

This is how Trading Tatiana was summed up in the official Orion press release for the trade paperback version published in January 2005.
From the author of NIRVANA BITES comes a sparkling, fast-paced and blackly comic second novel, TRADING TATIANA. It tells the story of an unlikely good Samaritan, and a runaway teenage prostitute and the events that unfold when their lives collide.

Jo Cooper leads an uneventful life, selling jewellery on a Greenwich market stall, babysitting her neighbours’ kids, and trying not to pay too much attention to the noises made by the S&M devotees who live next door. Home for Jo is a top floor flat in the Old Kent Road council block, Boddington Heights. An ex-drug-addict herself, she has a penchant for rescuing people: waifs and strays, a Ukrainian refugee whose cause she champions and the man in buttock-less leather trousers she finds chained to the roof of her building.

But Jo’s inability to walk away from a crisis lands her in trouble when a day-trip to Brighton ends with her helping a frightened girl to escape from some Russian thugs. The mysterious woman overturns Jo’s life, plunging her into the world of illegal immigration and prostitution rackets where human lives are ruthlessly traded and violence and distrust are rife.

Sparkling, fast-paced and blackly comic, Trading Tatiana is the story of an unlikely Good Samaritan and a runaway teenage prostitute determined to hold on to her secrets – and of the events that unfold when their lives collide.

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